Additional Dubai Taxis to Embrace Hybrid Technology

Dubai Taxis reap rewards from hybrid cabs; more of them are expected to be on the roads by the end of the year, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) says. The reasons for wanting a hybrid are many, and these vehicles have become efficient alternatives to fueled vehicles.

Hybrid vehicles are now a popular choice because of “cost savings, improved fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance,” explains The National in post, which noted that cab companies have decided to acquire more of these vehicles to add to their fleets in order to do away with high fuel consumption and emissions. In other words, hybrid cars burn less fuel, and thus create fewer carbon emissions. This is a great benefit.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation ( has opted to use hybrid cars as well and has gradually introduced such vehicles into its taxi fleets since 2008. Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of DTC says that many Toyota Camry hybrid vehicles were added within the Corporation’s fleet; the “cars provide a 33 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and 33 percent lower CO2 emissions compared to non-hybrid equivalents,” as mentioned in a ArabianBusiness post. This has helped the company achieve its strategic mission, which is “Safety, Environment Sustainability and Support of Green Economy” and live by its slogan “Pioneer for a Better Tomorrow”.

Additional environmentally friendly hybrid cars, like the Toyota Camry hybrid sedans, have been used on Dubai’s roads in ensuring a future that is safer for the whole society, said Abdul Aziz Malik, chief executive of Dubai Taxi Agency.

Anticipating additional increases in the price of gasoline (UAE’s new fuel prices), it was a farsighted move to focus on the use of vehicles that get better mileage; cabs are beginning to operate more and more hybrid vehicles that run on ecofriendly fuel while also producing lower global warming emissions; this is going in the right direction, says the chief executive of the RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation, Ahmad Al Suwaidi. He gone on to make this statement: “A hybrid vehicle performs at its optimum in heavily congested traffic,” and, according to The National, “It’s a good idea because of cost saving and the amount of time taxis spend in traffic.”

In essence, another of the advantages of having a hybrid car is that it cuts down on the fuel usage; thus, being Environmentally Friendly! This may be the best part of driving a hybrid car. Nonetheless, these cars are designed to save owners money in fuel costs and could help motorists decrease their lifetime auto costs. For these drivers, hybrids are a win-win situation. You will  probably notice more and more hybrids on the road in next few years in the United Arab Emirates.

Additional Dubai Taxis to Embrace Hybrid Technology

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