Addiction Conference in Dubai – Solace Sabah sharing their expertise

Erada Center for Treatment & Rehab is pleased to announce the First Erada International Addiction Conference (EIA), an upcoming educational opportunity happening in Dubai during the first week of March, where Dr. Prem Shanmugam CEO & Clinical Director of Solace Sabah will be presenting and sharing his expertise. Renowned globally as an expert in the drugs addiction treatment field, Dr. Prem founded Solace Sabah in 2014, now Asia’s leading addiction treatment center headquartered in Malaysia. Since its establishment, Solace Sabah has been the point of reference for those from the Arab region seeking addiction treatment and is a proud sponsor of the upcoming event.

The EIA Conference takes its first step this year to present topics including: Addictions and The Family, The Social Neuroscience of Addiction & Recovery, Addiction as a Brain Disease with Social Consequences, Reconsidering Addiction Treatment: Bridging the Gap between Research & Practice.

The Conference will be held from 2-3rd March 2017 at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE.

The conference promotes and encourages participation from all parts of the sector towards a shared appreciation of what medical, psychosocial and peer-based approaches offer, through the experiences of service users, clinicians and researchers alike. Presenters are encouraged to focus on not only what they have discovered but also on how delegates can apply their learnings.

Goals for the conference:

  • Bridge the gap between addiction problem and the treatment methodologies worldwide
  • Create a platform for discussion and innovation of ways to provide state of the art addiction treatments
  • Provide methods and tools to enable society to deal with addiction patients
  • Help the Gulf region understand more about the disease of addiction

In the same period, Solace Sabah is opening a representative office in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. As part of its expansion plan in the MENA region, the office welcomes anyone in the country and neighboring nations seeking assistance and advises on treatment options.

Erada Conference in Dubai

For more information:
Solace Sabah office in Abu Dhabi:
Office no 42, Level 14
The Federal Authority for Government,
Human Resources Building,
Corniche Road, PO Box 48480,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 0505750480 – Toll Free Number: 800035704438

About Dr. Prem Shanmugam

Dr. Prem Shanmugam, a world renowned expert in the drugs addiction treatment fieldDr Prem Kumar Shanmugam is Chairman and Clinical Director of Solace Sabah Retreat. Prem founded Solace with the vision of helping people with addictions recover and learn to live for life.

His hand picked team of passionate clinicians not only bring with them the professional expertise in the science of addiction treatment but also real life experiences as well. He has worked in the field of addictions and psychology for over 10 years.

Prem is the Past President of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (Singapore) and the Regional Director of the Asia Pacific Certification Board (Singapore) while being one of the founding members as well. He is a psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, facilitator and is actively involved in research in the addiction field.
Prem specializes in developing and evaluating substance abuse treatment progr ammes. He is actively involved in customizing treatment approaches for family members who have loved ones with addictions. Focusing on concepts like trauma bonding and the Stockholm Syndrome, he explains the logic and the science behind codependency and how family members play a role in maintaining the addiction.He has published widely on topics such as evaluating treatment programmes, social anxiety and addiction treatment, family and addictions, codependency and families, treatment and outcomes on depression, anxiety and stress. He works with people with addiction issues from all walks of life in an intuitive multicultural settings. His area of interest is in culture specific treatment approaches for families with addictions.

Prem is a certified practitioner in Management of Family Violence Counseling, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Substance Abuse Therapist (Level 4) and a Certified Psychotherapist and Counsellor (Level 4).

He also reviews and writes articles and frequently presents at international conferences. He has authored two handbooks for Masters Students on a counselling course with a UK based University, the Treatment Manual for clients seeking treatment in Solace and handbook for Family members to understand addictions better.


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