5 Stars Aquathlon in Abu Dhabi

5 Stars Aquathlon in Abu DhabiThe Abu Dhabi Tri Club (Gulf Multi Sport LLC) is organizing a family sport event at Emirates Palace; the season opener of Aquathlon – swim and run is set to take place on Friday, October 31 and will gather athletes and amateurs for a day of fun activities.  

Aquathloners of all ages will be able to put their competitive skills to the test. Participants will be splashing and running their way to personal success in an amazingly unique setting in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi: the Emirates Palace open water lagoon and the Palace grounds.

The aquathlon competition consists of a continuous, two-stage race involving a distance swim followed by a run; it should have a huge turnout of competitors and onlookers cheering them on.

Whether the participators want to walk or run, splash or swim, the aquathlon is sure to be exciting to take part in or watch. Here the emphasis is more on finding courageous contenders to join in on the fun than attracting active, professional aquathloners.

There are sure to be children from the Abu Dhabi Inter-School Aquathlon (also organized by the Abu Dhabi Tri Club) who will be participating at the new challenge held at Emirates Palace.

The event will be timed and contestants will compete against each other for the fastest times, divided in age groups. Each group will participate in a swim followed by a run.


Individual Categories include:

Tiny Triathletes (Ages 4 to 10, for M/F): 100m Swim / 200m Run

Juniors (Ages 8-11 & 12-16, for M/F): 200m Swim / 1.5km Run

Super Sprint Open (Ages 13 to 39, for M/F) & Masters (Ages 40 to 75, for M/F): 375m Swim / 2.5km Run

Sprint Open (Ages 16 to 39, for M/F) & Masters (Ages 40 to 75, for M/F): 750m Swim / 5km Run


Team Categories include:

Super Sprint Team (Ages 13 to 75, for M/F): 375m Swim /2.5km Run

Sprint Team (Ages 16 to 75, for M/F): 750m Swim / 5km Run


The Abu Dhabi Aquathlon will kick off with the Super Sprint and Sprint races at 06:30 am, followed by Tiny Triathletes (ages 4 to 10), which will wade the shore of the Emirates Palace Beach from 7:30 am.

Due to the sport activity being setup for recreational fun, no prize money will be given. However, medals will be awarded to the finishers.

Those interested in participating will be able to register online until Sunday, 26/10/2014 11:59 pm. They can simply go to premieronline.com, locate the calendar and the event titled “The 5 Star Aquathlon” and then go to the “Login to Register” to sign up. It is that easy! Alternatively, people can contact Rachael Hughes at +971 50 1094055 for further event info and details on how to be part in a fun, exciting and well-organized sports event.

As for the price, it depends on the registrants’ age. The registration fee does include refreshments and breakfast, as well as lots of enjoyment for swimmers/runners.


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