5 reasons why you may not like Dubai

Some say that living in Dubai is not good and that this city it is a horrible place to live.
This claim, of course, depends only on one’s personal point of view, and it is exaggerated in all cases. In fact, people of different nationalities live and work in Dubai and like very much this cosmopolitan metropolis.

Dubai is not perfect, yet and after all, there is no perfect city in the world
Some state that Dubai is only an artificial city, with big skyscrapers and the largest shopping centres in the world.
The definition of artificial city can’t be accepted since all cities in the world have been constructed by man. For instance, all the monuments in Paris, Rome and London have been built by man and where before those constructions there was nothing.

Another question that can be argued regards people from poorer countries and backgrounds, that come to live in Dubai and work as labourers. Usually, they live in terrible conditions such as 10 people in one apartment and work for very low wages. This is partly true, but one has to consider that these people in their country have no roof over their head, they have no jobs, no food. Yet, and regardless of how little their wages are, these workers can earn money in Dubai and can even save some to support their families.

The first reason for which one may not like about Dubai is that this city has lost completely its own identity. In fact, Dubai has grown very quickly with the desire to be an ultramodern and futuristic city always first in the world, thus cancelling all its traditions. For instance, it might be a challenge to find typical Emirati restaurants in Dubai. Such restaurants do exist, but they are quite few in number and hidden in the different corners of the city. This happens not for the lack of an Emirati traditional cuisine but only because people tend to cancel the past and the traditions, and give more importance to modernity. This is not very good, because traditions are to be always appreciated and preserved and are part of the cultural heritage. The situation is quite different in the other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, where it is easier to perceive the cultural heritage.

The second reason you may not like about Dubai, is that it is difficult to have relationships with people. This happens because most of the people know that they will remain in Dubai for short time: one-two years maximum and not for ever. Besides, due to the fact that people with high level jobs have a lot of benefits, allowances and high salaries and live therefore in excellent conditions, there is no need for them to develop relationships. The situation is quite different in Abu Dhabi where the conditions for expatriates are less favourable and they have less things to do, which leads to the need of creating a community.

The third reason is the traffic congestion in Dubai, especially during the rush hours, which may make people nervous and exhausted especially when the traffic is very slow and people have to spend long time queuing.
The road infrastructures are awfully designed and have a lot of unsignalled exits which makes it easy to choose the wrong exit sometimes. Driving for ten minutes to make a U-turn is not uncommon. One has just to hope to take the right entrance to the freeway because they are not numbered. Miss it and you’ll likely end up on the other side of town before you are able to turn around and go back.

The fourth reason is that in Dubai you can live and work for a long time but you will never get the Emirati citizenship. You will remain an expatriate for ever and you should always renew your residency visa.

The fifth reason is that the cost of living in Dubai is very high. This is the case anyhow in all the big cities in the world.  Prices are very high in some sectors such as for instance in the catering, which is not justified, considering the quality of the services. Even fine restaurants may not have the right price-quality ratio.

Dubai roads and skyscrapers

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