4th anniversary of DubaiBlog

4th anniversary of DubaiBlog at The Majlis, inside the souq of The Dubai MallSeems only yesterday the first time I landed in Dubai. In 2004. We can say Dubai Marina didn’t exist yet and the Hard Rock Café was still open, the first club you found when coming from Abu Dhabi. Love at first sight with Dubai, because so is Dubai: either you love it or you hate it. But it took a few more years to become my core business, and then opening a website about Dubai, initially with a different name. Then the change into the current name and URL, the migration to the WordPress platform, and in fact the consecration of DubaiBlog as a real blog and me as a professional blogger and social media marketing manager.

Seems like only yesterday.

But “yesterday” (in the literal sense) we ended up with some friends – many of them known through the network DubaiBlog – to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the first site of the network: www.dubaiblog.it
Exciting, certainly. The first birthday in Dubai has been a consolidation of a project carried out for years with Italy, even though with frequent trips to the UAE.
A birthday celebrated at The Majlis, a café inside the Souq of Dubai Mall, where you can find camel milk, a local specialty; and it was exactly what I was looking for, to celebrate this anniversary. Not a big party, but a simple meeting with a few tight friends, a tasting of camel milk (which not everyone had tasted before) and a cake, always made ​​with camel milk. In Arabic al majlis means “a place where to sit,” and then also a place where you can relax, discuss, share opinions, the equivalent of the Roman Forum.
Any better place for this event? I don’t think so..

Ad maiora, (just to stay on with the Roman Forum – ad maiora is a Latin expression which means “to the bigger things” and so “to the success, satisfaction”) and thanks to everyone for coming.

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