Born as blog and later evolved into a site and then a real portal, DubaiBlog is a network of websites and social pages about Dubai, UAE and the Middle East in general. Founded in 2007 with a different name, the portal got the current name in 2009; our organization is involved in promoting international trading and relationships, helping European businessmen to open a branch or a newCo, develop activities, and offer their products and services in the countries of the Persian Gulf. The most important aspect is to support businessmen in having a correct approach to trade with Dubai, UAE and the Arab Culture. We also help professionals, businessmen, companies in:

developing their advertising, communication strategy and mottos on websites, email and other platforms, through the use of multimedia content and SEO techniques
• overseeing the creation of websites in English, Arabic, and other languages and monitoring the trends of visitors
• promote their brand on our web and social channels
ensuring media coverage during events
• support our customers to develop / strengthen public relations in the area
• overseeing lead generation and Direct Email Marketing (DEM) strategies
• putting a positive spin on the promotion of products and services offered by our customers